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From DP Design comes a comprehensive, full colour book packed with inspiration, ideas and details on designing large interior spaces and infusing soul and character into the vastness
of these. Exploring schemes beyond typical typologies for interior design, such as hospitality and residential, DP Design gives an intimate peek at the interior work behind large scale retail, institutional projects and public spaces, which it has particular expertise and experience in.

A unique and engaging book, it illustrates how designing for an interior space can be a direct, strategic response to a building’s intrinsic architectural form, functionality and user experience. Rather than treating interiors as isolated design projects, interiors are seen as extensions of the building’s architecture. Presenting a carefully curated collection of over 20 unconventional examples, DP Design showcases how to preserve the natural behaviour of a building – working with project-specific materials, lighting conditions and planning techniques.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience in the interior design, space planning and project management industry, DP Design combines design concepts and short stories with sleek professional photographs and illustrations to provide an in-depth look at the real fundamentals of interior spaces and ideas that relook the practice of interior design today. DP Design is an essential part of Singapore’s home-grown integrated group of architectural and engineering companies, the DP Group of Companies. Adept at handling multi-disciplinary large scale projects, DP Design works hand in hand with DP Architects to achieve holistic design practices.