Collin Anderson


Fumihiko Maki


Kenneth Frampton


196 Pages


Images Publishing Dist Ac (Sep-Oct 2012)





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Orchard Road in Singapore is one of the world’s foremost retail and fashion shopping streets. Receiving upwards of seven million visitors annually, it is a foundational element to Singapore’s city fabric and national economy as a popular streetscape wholly devoted to the pedestrian and customer.

Singapore-based DP Architects has played a significant role in shaping Orchard Road’s present form. Since the practice’s establishment in 1967, it has designed, retrofitted and reworked nearly thirty projects on Orchard Road, oftentimes reinterpreting the same building several times over a period spanning two or three decades. These projects cumulatively represent over one million square metres of mixed-use commercial space – a rare example of the comprehensive, long-term influence of a single design firm on an urban centre.

DP Architects on Orchard Road records a history of Orchard Road, discussed in the context of Singapore’s development as an island-nation. Using this framework as both precedent and point of departure, it presents, in-depth, a selection of retail shopping centres completed by DP Architects between the years 2003 and 2012. It addresses the firm’s four decades of work as a continuum of evolving design ideas that have contributed to Orchard Road’s transformation into one of Singapore’s – and Asia’s – great urban spaces.