Our People

Director Chua Zi Jun

Photo of Chua Zi Jun
Knowing that my two young children may live and engage in the buildings I build today, drives me to do my best for them and their generation.

Mr Chua Zi Jun’s designs are driven by how they can create a positive impact on their surroundings. Whether it is The Dubai Mall or Fort Canning Museum, Zi Jun approaches the projects with a critical eye, striving to understand the past in the present context and to anticipate the future.

This same design drive and approach has led Zi Jun into typology research. In fact, today, the DP Director has taken on the role of head of typology research groups. Here, he and his teams explore and further architectural design of the various typologies ranging from residential to urban planning.

Of the 18 typologies that DP specialises in, Zi Jun is most keen in retail and mixed-use typology. He believes that future retail malls will be transformed into ‘leisure retail’ nuclei – vibrant spaces for people to meet and enjoy leisure activities beyond shopping – as shoppers’ demands grow more sophisticated. As a result of his experience and knowledge in retail development, Zi Jun has been invited as a keynote speaker to share his insights at conferences such as the India Shopping Centre Forum and French Chamber of Commerce Singapore Breakfast Talks.