Our People

Director Tan Chee Yong

Photo of Tan Chee Yong
My design seeks to address the domestic and global issues faced by China as an emerging world power through an inclusive design that respects and promotes social interaction between cultures and communities with a global perspective.

Dynamic and self-motivated, Mr Tan Chee Yong is an all-rounded architect with a strong passion for design while actively involved in project implementation and business development. As one of the key strikers of DP Architects’ “China Thrust”, he has accumulated a strong portfolio of projects of various scales and building typologies. With 15 years of experience in the China market, he has inculcated the design ideologies and professionalism brought forth by his tutelage in Singapore to match the demands and intricacies of the Chinese market. With the increasing ties and cooperation between governments and companies of both countries, he represents a new generation of young architects flying the Singapore flag high in China, serving as a bridge for intellectual and business exchanges between two cultures.

His design philosophy is manifested by the following five attributes:

GLOBALIZATION — Aligns with Singapore's efforts to export the 'Singapore Brand' abroad. Design that reflects the deep-rooted Sino-China relationship and shows our appreciation of the domestic and global issues faced by China as an emerging world power, and the response to these issues from a global perspective.

ARCHITECTURE — Design that emphasises on imageability of place. Creates 'grand gesture' through skilful arrangement and composition of simple geometric forms in planning, and using different hierarchy and scale of communal spaces to express the spatial experience.

COMMUNITY — Advocates an inclusive design that promotes social interaction between the various cultures and communities.

CONTEXT — Designing with an understanding of current and future trends, that is appropriate to site conditions, sensitive and respectful to surrounding neighbours and local culture.

CLIMATE — Designs that are appropriate to local weather and seasonal changes, adopting sustainable design strategies that are easy to implement.