Angelene Chan Conferred P*DA Designer of the Year 2018

Published on 17 July 2018

Conferred Designer of the Year (Architecture), Ms Angelene Chan was presented the nation’s highest accolade for design by President Halimah Yacob during the President's Design Awards (P*DA) ceremony on 17 July at the Istana. She was among the 11 P*DA recipients for both the Designers of the Year and Designs of the Year categories. 

The Jury recognises Angelene as an industry leader who “understands the multi-faceted role of an architect”; commending her for her “drive for research and innovation through the establishment of typology groups, which aim to push the frontiers of design in DP Architects.” Ms Chan’s “commitment to collaboration with the various stakeholders, professions and communities… demonstrat[ing] the importance of achieving the best outcome as a team” has also been extolled as “exemplary”.

As an architect, I see it as my responsibility to continually evolve and to explore architecture that changes the way we live and interact with the world. This award is a great encouragement for me to persist in my craft, to create spaces that enrich lives and strengthen communities, to leave behind places better than I found them. 

Angelene Chan

This year’s P*DA recipients come from diverse fields, spanning visual communication, product and industrial design, interior design, experience and service design, engineering design, design strategy and architecture. As part of a revamp after a decade, P*DA now places greater emphasis on outcome-based design impact in addition to the longstanding criteria of excellence in design craftsmanship.
Candidates for the Designer of the Year category were evaluated on their design philosophy; innovation and originality; significance and range of portfolio; leadership in their design disciplines; and portfolio of works that have demonstrated impact on contemporary life and living environment, and have social and national significance as well as iconic value.

We are encouraged to see the architectural recipients continue to forge the way forward in designing thoughtful, transformative and innovative spaces and places. We applaud their celebration of community and greenery in ways that are also respectful to the projects’ contexts.

Larry Ng, Group Director, Architecture and Urban Design Excellence of URA

A glimpse of angelene's body of works

The Dubai Mall - The largest mall in the world

Wisma Atria, one of Angelene's favourite projects

Sunray Woodcraft Construction, President’s Design Award 2015 - Design of the Year