DP’s New Singapore Office—A Living Lab for a More Sustainable Built Environment

Published on 30 January 2020

On 17 January 2020, DP officially opened its recently renovated Headquarters in Marina Square, Singapore; unveiling a new office wing and front-of-house. During the opening and as a definitive step towards mitigating climate change both in its own office and its projects, the firm has transformed its new West Wing extension and front-of-house into a Living Lab, and announced unique collaborations with tech firms SenSING and Eutech Cybernetics.
SenSING is a Singapore-based IoT and Data Analytics company that provides end-to-end solutions for real-time environmental conditions and spatial analysis. The firm’s collaboration with SenSING within its Living Lab is mutually beneficial as it allows SenSING to test its prototype sensors while giving DP a better understanding of how design directly affects the comfort of end-users. The sensors will enable the firm to monitor environmental variables such as air quality, noise levels and light levels in its new office wing; and with the data, DP hopes to be able to utilise it in making informed design decisions so as to improve users' well-being and reduce energy consumption.

Through the use of its own office as a “living lab”, DP will be able to translate the acquired data into practical, sustainable design solutions for its other projects. In this way, the new office and collaborations help the DPA group in taking positive actions towards a sustainable built environment in the face of the climate crisis.

DPA also took the opportunity that evening to announce its partnership with Eutech, a global provider of business process services, on the next-generation platform for the real estate industry, The platform liberalises the smart-readiness and capabilities of buildings through its Shop-Plug-Play ecosystem. “Shop” offers a comprehensive catalogue of Digital Solutions that integrate with existing systems, “Plug” simplifies the integration of systems into customised workflows and “Play” connects users to the services through a mobile-first Experience Portal. Both DPA and Eutech have partnered to deliver a pilot implementation of for Capitaland, under a grant award received from the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (IMDA) Call for Innovative Solutions (CFIS) with CapitaLand and JTC.
The opening also featured exclusive exhibition showcases of DP’s domain specialists where attendees were given a glimpse into the firm’s robust body of work as well as hands-on experiences via virtual reality demonstrations.