Chan Sui Him


In our second decade, we came to realise the importance of architecture as a service industry, and the architect as a service person, not a prima donna.

Holding that architecture is ultimately a service industry, Mr Chan Sui Him has successfully led a wide and complex range of projects, from community-scale to large, urban-scale projects. Across his portfolio – from SAFTI Military Institute to One Marina Boulevard – Sui Him displays a keen understanding of the social and economic factors impacting the project. The result is designs of unyielding quality, articulation and sensitivity towards its purpose, function and user-groups.

An advocate for advancing education and nurturing the talent pipeline, Sui Him serves as an advisor and is a role model to the upcoming generations of architects. A Senior Director at DP Architects, he actively shares his experience and knowledge, effectively mentoring our architects and their design teams. To date, projects in which he has provided design direction and guidance to include: Downtown East, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Our Tampines Hub, Punggol Town Hub and two other major social community and sports complexes.