Chua Zi Jun


Chua Zi Jun, better known as Ziggy, specializes in retail and mixed-use developments. His passion and curiosity towards the retail landscape of the future was ignited in the early years of his career through his involvement in The Dubai Mall, one of the world’s largest malls and the Sentosa Integrated Resort competition, in which he worked closely with Michael Graves and Associates as a project architect.

Ziggy holds that although architecture and real estate has been incentivized by commercial demands, the built environment can still be positively shaped once the parameters are well-identified. As a firm proponent of retail-integrated mixed-use developments and co-head of DPA’s retail typology research group, he has designed a number of mixed-use proposals in Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, China and India.

On top of this, Ziggy has been earmarked as part of the practice’s next generation of leadership to redefine the practice for tomorrow and has been appointed the Tech Pillar Lead for DP’s strategic Green-Well-Tech thrust. Tasked to build up DP’s knowledge base and leadership in the design technology domain, he is strengthening the practice’s fundamentals of design and delivery, and reinforcing the practice’s integrative design delivery.