Jeremy Tan


Architecture is a patronage art that arises from the fulfilment of function and need.

With 28 years in the industry, Mr Jeremy Tan has built an impressive portfolio of institutional projects, ranging from secondary schools and tertiary institutions to administrative offices for Ministries. His understanding of architecture is founded upon many years of experience, and he is a firm believer that the core of architecture comes from listening. An architect, he says, juggles the expectation of fulfilling function, symbolic expression, construction procedure, risk evaluation, and cost management. The only way one can achieve all that is through listening, reflecting, internalising, and strategising with the client – all before creation. Jeremy holds that it is with dialogue, engagement and communication that an architect can innovate, feel, move, search and achieve together with team members and clients.

Across his projects, Jeremy is actively involved in the development of branding and its expressions. Possessing a keen sense of design, the director has also led projects in the residential, commercial and hospitality typology. Most notable among this body of works is his architectural conservation and interior design of Hotel Fort Canning. Elegantly modern with a distinct nuance of colonial charm, the hotel was conferred the 2011 URA Architectural Heritage Award.