Mike Lim

Director, DP Design

We consider a space for its context beyond its strict functional concerns. While asserting a particular quality, we infuse the space with a measure of timelessness.

Principal Designer of DP Design since 2012, Mike Lim directs the concept design and design development of its wide range of projects including commercial complexes, retail and commercial developments, and residential buildings. Over the course of two decades, he has successfully led the homegrown interior design practice into the international arena; working on projects at a scale few interior designers are familiar with.

Yet, regardless of building type and size, Mike holds that design perfection must not be defined by aesthetics alone; but must consider the way in which people experience space and interact with architecture, and inspire a deep sense of community and belonging. This, his body of works including the retail component of Changi Airport Terminal 2, Paragon Shopping Centre, Our Tampines Hub, The Dubai Mall (Dubai, UAE), Emaar Square Mall (Istanbul, Turkey), Perennial International Specialist Medical Centre (Chengdu, China), Project Keiko (Kobe, Japan) and Cinemaxx Junior (Jakarta, Indonesia) stand as testaments. Without overindulging in formal acrobatics, each project is characterized by a poignant sense of timelessness, accessibility, inclusivity and functionality unique to its geography, culture and community.

A proponent of the social responsibility that architects and designers bear in contributing to and improving our urban condition, Mike actively advocates this within the global Interior Design community. His speaking engagements include the Global Design Forum and IFFS Forum 2017, the 2017 TAID International Design Forum and the INSIDE 2015 event, in which he was one of the judges for the retail and residential categories at the World Architecture Festival awards.