Teoh Hai Pin


Architects should take responsibility to incorporate the 'community' in their design.

With a wealth of experience and notable projects under his belt (namely, Parkview Square, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore Sports Hub; Sebco World Trade Centre, Ho Chi Minh City; and The Palm Springs, Beijing), Teoh Hai Pin has developed a design approach that is objective, analytical, practical and collaborative. From residential and retail projects to massive landmark architecture development, his designs are characterised by a sensitivity to the intended community, its site context and socio-cultural trends. This is best exemplified in one of his latest projects, Our Tampines Hub – a community hub conceived through a unique design process that actively involved and engaged not only the stakeholders and contractors but also its end-users.

While active dialogue with the intended users of a development may be a fresh approach and movement in Singapore’s architectural scene, it isn’t an unfamiliarly radical process to Hai Pin. In fact, the director at DP embraces such non-prescriptive approach in both his corporate and personal life. A firm believer of enrichment through progressive engagement, he likens his professional association outside of the office to “meeting people”. In the same vein, Hai Pin encourages participation from team members while leading them with firmness and clarity of objective, so as to cultivate leadership and work ownership.