Ti Lian Seng


This profession is so broad that no one single person could be an expert in all the different aspects of what we do. Beyond that, it’s important to have some productive friction – a counterpoint to your ideas.

A prominent architect with design leadership experience in significant projects around the world, Mr Ti Lian Seng helms various projects across a range of typologies in Singapore, the Middle East, China and Eastern Malaysia. His years of overseas project experience has equipped him with the dexterity to handle cultural and climatic diversities in different regions. Holding that design is the fruit of collaborative work, Lian Seng is also adroit in working holistically in a multi-faceted environment with clients and specialist consultants to effectively understand the actual needs of the product and its various user groups. This understanding is clearly reflected across his portfolio. Each project is at once sensitively conceived according to its socio-cultural context and built on the assets its environment has to offer.

Possessing a deep passion for design and aware of the shifts in the industry’s trends, Lian Seng recognises that architecture as a practice is no longer as straightforward as before. Beyond understanding the brief, one must also know how to extrapolate and where to value add so as to deliver a design that goes beyond its original brief. As such, Lian Seng is a chief advocate of knowledge-sharing and experience transfer within the firm through its office-wide design critique sessions.