William Chua

Director, DPA (Malaysia)

Mr William Chua’s passion for architecture and urban design is sparked by his interest in how things are built and how spatial experiences and perceptions affect social interactions and impact socio-economic dynamics. This has led him to explore and develop keen design skills, detail development and proven project management capabilities in three key typologies – residential, mixed-use developments and master plans. Notable within his portfolio of works are the Nobleton Crest Residence, a luxury low-density development designed in dialogue with its surroundings within the U-Thant enclave to deliver a serene sanctuary to its end-users; and, the Melaka Gateway Master Plan, which as part of the state enhancement plans, was conceptualised as a progressive international destination encapsulating the richness and vibrancy of Melaka’s heritage, trade and commerce.

Today, William is tapping into the firm’s deep expertise in design innovations and building technologies with the aim of advancing Malaysia’s built environment sector and urban design. This includes the introduction and encouragement of PPVC modules in residential developments, and the application of DP’s unique hub ecology framework to mixed-use models so as to create greater urban and socio-economic dynamism. As director of DPA’s Malaysia office, he is also leveraging his experiences in mixed-use and master planning projects along with DPA’s group capabilities to expand the firm’s urban design experience into infrastructure typology through collaborative partnership. A notable project he is working on within this typology is Coronation Square, a mega mixed-use development envisioned to enhance and revitalise the city fabric of Johor Bahru.