Yong Siew Onn

Director, DP Sustainable Design

Being sustainable makes sense. Beyond just an environmental initiative, I believe sustainability is about doing the right things to improve building design and save our limited resources.

Yong Siew Onn has been practicing Green Design since 2008. A Certified Singapore Building Construction Authority Green Mark Professional, LEED, WELL and WiredScore Accredited Professional, he believes that Sustainability is more than just an environmental initiative; it is about doing the right things to improve building energy efficiency, the wellbeing of end-users and promote smart sustainability design for optimal building performance advancing towards net zero carbon aspiration to save our limited resources and prevent further climate and biodiversity collapse.


Applying his specialist knowledge and experience in building physics studies and integration of both architectural and engineering systems for high performance buildings design, he leads DP Sustainable Design to develop and deliver pragmatic, green and carbon efficient building that reflect the functional needs of the building. For his effort in championing sustainability in the built environment through design, construction and building management, Siew Onn was conferred the BCA-SGBC Green Building Individual Commendation Award in 2016.


Siew Onn also currently serves as a panel member on the BCA Innovation Grant committee, reviewing innovative and productive pilot project funding as part of BCA’s effort to accelerate the building innovation and productivity cycle in Singapore.