Cradle2Cradle is Best Pop-up at Perspective A&D Trophy Awards 2018

Published on 23 November 2018

Designed by Mr William Kwan-Terry and Mr Kenny Chia from DP Design, DP Architects’ interior design specialist arm, Cradle2Cradle was named the ‘Best of Category’ winner under ‘Best Pop-up’ in Perspective Architecture & Design (A&D) Trophy Awards 2018. This award celebrates excellence in architecture, interior design and product design across Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Inspired by Newton’s cradle and founded on the principles of sustainability, Cradle2Cradle’s design transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy with the use of piezoelectric technology. Piezoelectric generators are strategically placed at key points, such as the pivot points of the end spheres, in the installation. When subjected to mechanical stress, the movement of the spheres harness energy to supplement the power required to illuminate them.

Cradle2Cradle was first commissioned for i Lights Marina Bay 2018. It was subsequently displayed in New Zealand at Lux Festival 2018, the country’s largest light festival.

The Perspective A&D Trophy Awards Night was held at the Eaton Club on 16th November 2018.

Read more about Cradle2Cradle here.


Mr William Kwan-Terry receives the 'Best of Category' award in the category of 'Best Pop-up' for Cradle2Cradle.

Cradle2Cradle was first comissioned for i Lights Marina Bay 2018, a local light festival.

Cradle2Cradle's design encouraged spontaneous interaction from the light festival attendants.