Multi-generational Sanctuary Steeped in Nature and Privacy
11 Bedok Rise

11 Bedok Rise is a semi-detached house highly attuned to the sensitivities and concerns of the homeowners. Tranquil privacy surrounded by lush greenery and landscaping, replete with plentiful natural light and ventilation, and the flexibility to satisfy current and future needs were key design traits. The house possesses a clean matte black external façade, broken up only by the veridian green of plants and tree that cover the abode.

The strong sense of connection to nature that the house projects externally remain consistent inside the house as well. Internally, the house is organised with the principles of flow and privacy in mind, where the spaces are layered from public to private, with boundaries demarcated by plant life. Voids are strategically inserted to spatially and visually connect the levels and provide for greater interaction between the extended family. Openings and skylights are sensitively placed to allow for views and natural sunlight to cultivate plant life. Aluminium fins and screening plants perform sun-shading and privacy functions to shield the rooms from the vistas of nearby condominiums.

Responding enthusiastically to the family’s passion for greenery, DPA did not hesitate to ensure the house would resound with integrative biophilic elements that are a hallmark of DPA’s design language, such as an indoor tree encircled by a play net, and a semi-indoor garden at the staircase area. These architectural devices and more were employed to domesticate the landscape and blur the boundaries of indoor-outdoor, crafting a green haven for the enjoyment of the family.

Design team

DP Architects