Melding the Timeless, the Haptic and the Tropical
49 Trevose Crescent

Perched on a hilly terrain and nestled within a tree protection zone, the house was conceived for three generations with their myriad of needs and wants. Seated in a tight site of a low-rise residential area where views of its lush surroundings remain unobstructed, the immediate challenge then was to maximize the space potential of the house. The more complex and crucial task at hand, however, was the creation of a home that all three generations would delight in and uniquely identify with.

Creating recesses and courtyards, while dividing the large massing into twin bungalows that remained interconnected in the middle were strategies employed by the architect to achieve privacy for the two families without compromising on cohesiveness. Spatial programming aside, the key design philosophy of the house was to become a timeless, haptic, tropical model of architecture that ages gracefully over the passage of time.

Light was hence a key design motif to embrace the attainment of timelessness for the house. Key features of the house, such as a tree in the interior courtyard and garden terrace, embrace the elemental connection between light, nature and water. An intricate dance of light and shadow plays out throughout the interstices of the house, granting the structure a seemingly seamless connection with the external environment, regardless of time of day.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Green, DP Sustainable Design