Archifest Pavilion

Breathe in the Technicolour Pavilion

Responding to the Archifest 2016’s theme ‘Exhale’, DP Architects’ winning entry, RGB Pavilion was designed to inspire visitors to re-think our relationship with Singapore’s urban environment and breathe new life into it.

Composed entirely of construction site materials, the gigantic zero-waste technicolour inhabitable urban sculpture sought to playfully refresh the city by injecting vibrant swathes of colour in public space by way of a psychedelic pavilion.

1 Raffles Place, Singapore 048616 (Temporary)
Category Urban Art
Year 2016
Size 1000sqm
The pavilion is intended to provoke curiosity and interest, its height and vibrancy of colour are meant to stand in counterpoint to its surroundings.
The RGB Pavilion invites visitors to focus, reflect and appreciate their surroundings with a fresh eye.
Concept sketch of the RBG pavilion.
Starting with primary colours, a vibrant spectrum of secondary and tertiary colours are presented through a play of nuance and mutability.

Built on the grounds of Raffles Place Park, the challenge was clear: how can the structure stand out in a skyline dotted with towering skyscrapers, one erected in close proximity after the other?

In contrast with the hard-edged, polished, monochromatic environment of Singapore’s Central Business District, the pavilion’s layered design and playful fusion of colour played on the psychological influence colour had on people’s moods.

Once inside the pavilion, the surrounding CBD fades away and is replaced instead by a psychedelic selfie tunnel. Stepping in, a psychedelic fog of colours envelops visitors, lulling them to forget about the stressful city life and ‘Exhale’.

Visual and emotional appeal aside, the pavilion was also designed with a smart approach to zero waste. Where available, materials like steel scaffolding were taken from the contractor’s existing stock and reused on other construction sites even after Archifest 2016.

Selected photographs by Teo Zi Tong

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2016 Architizer A+ Award 2016
Archifest Pavilion

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