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Tailored for all sizes

The Dulwich College Singapore campus was designed to cater to students of varying ages. From planning, interior design, landscaping and material selection, the concept revolves around the size – S, M, L and Free – and needs of the children from early years, through junior school to senior school. Shared facilities such as an indoor sports centre, future performing arts centre and boarding school are designed for all ages.

The focus of each school is its own library, designed as a huge ‘window to the world’. Brick finishes distinguish the school walls, while the main circulation paths are characterised by brick-inspired patterns.

71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore 658966
Category Institutional
Year 2014
Size 22,085sqm
Due to the diverse age range of the students studying on this campus, from 2 to 17, we see it as our starting point to design a place that is customised for each student, in terms of human proportion and scale.
The use of brick tiles, brick-inspired patterns and colours form a consistent expression across the campus.
The sunken gym courtyard, a high volume space integrated with greenery.
The Junior School courtyard, one of many outdoor spaces for the students to play and interact.

The shared facilities, namely the Performing Arts Centre and Indoor Sports Centre are planned in the centre of the site, flanked by the Junior School and Senior School. The Junior School is placed next to the Kindergarten which is located on the southern end of the site, and the Senior School on the northern part of the site, with the Boarding School adjacent to it. This creates a formal approach to the site in terms of entry and function.

The façade of the Performing Arts Centre serves as the main entrance to all the other schools and facilities on the campus. As one walks through the Performing Arts Centre, one will reach the Indoor Sports Centre, the canteen and the rugby field towards the western side.

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2015 LIAS Awards of Excellence 2015 (Gold)
Dulwich College, Playground

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