The Greenfield - Forest Green Rovers Stadium

An ambitious, thriving ground

As part of the international design competition for the Forest Green Rovers FC’s new ground near Stroud, United Kingdom, The Greenfield was shortlisted from 50 submitted designs. The proposed design envisions a sustainable development that is enlivened by people all year round, guided by an eco-centric approach. 

An interactive park was proposed, which serves the community throughout the year while preserving the rural aspect of the site and its indigenous flora and fauna. True to its name, it is a stadium which is well concealed and ties seamlessly into the environment.

UK & Europe
Category Sports, Community & Recreation
Year 2016
Size -
Taking the sustainability emphasis to heart, we set off on an ambitious task – to safeguard the sites natural green landscape and create the UK’s first invisible stadium, a site where the community, environment and sustainable technologies are all prioritised.
The Greenfield park provides space for community-centric activities while preserving the natural landscape of the site.
The Greenfield includes community spaces which could be used by the local community 365 days a year.
The stadium was sunk six metres down into the site, and the structure topped with soil and planted with indigenous grasses and shrubs to look like open, natural parkland.

While The Greenfield may look like open parkland, it was conceptualised to house a dense array of technological features, inclusive of an energy storage system, a solar air collector, heat-coated stadium floor and an integrated roofing system that combines electricity generation with metal or single-ply roof sheeting.

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