Bringing together a mix of lifestyles

Inspired by the surrounding landscape, EuHabitat is an ecologically sensitive condominium with four distinct types of housing – Townhouse, Condominium, Suite and SOHO. The concept brings together a collection of buildings for four different lifestyles, catering to a variety of contemporary living arrangements.

212 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 400319
Category Residential
Year 2015
Size 57,800sqm
Drawing inspiration from foliage, euhabitat represents nature at an unprecedented level. The creation of green homes go beyond environmental sustainability and looks at how people’s lifestyles can seamlessly integrate with nature.

The Townhouses are grouped around an expansive pool of water, where the terraces to each townhouse line the edge of the water. The large pool at the doorstep not only creates a pleasant comfort climate but also reflects the expanse of the sky above it. The scenery changes from moment to moment as the sun and clouds pass through the sky.

At the entry level of the Condominium, the covered gathering spaces between adjacent buildings are naturally ventilated and densely planted, accessible to the residents at all times.

The walls and windows of the Suites are adapted specifically for privacy and sun orientation. The horizontal aluminium louvres shade the glass and visually unify the elevations of these single-bedroom units. The interior is animated by natural light filtering through the folding louvre panels. The façade gently undulates as the panels open and fold, creating a rippled surface of contrasting light and shadow.

With more demand for flexibility, the SOHO apartments provide a large space where dining, cooking, meeting and recreation come together. The open plan is changeable without losing its coherence. Capitalising on the high ceiling, the residents are given the opportunities to individualise their own upper mezzanine space.

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