Frasers Tower

When work is a walk in the park

Breaking away from the rectangular office block, Frasers Tower emerges from a reduced rectangular base and the volume flares outwards which accommodates larger floor plates at the lower portion of the tower. The volume tapers towards the crown as the core is progressively reduced. The prism shape allows the tower to fit among the lower neighbouring blocks without overpowering the contextual scale.

The elegant tapering of the tower creates a changing profile that varies with the vantage point. To further accentuate the southeast elevation as the main frontage, the façade is articulated with a serrated curtain wall that takes the shape of a triangulated A-framed arch which extends from the tower base to the crown, lending the character of a gateway. The serrated glass and metal curtain wall cascades down the length of the tower and delaminates from the tower massing above the main entrance, transforming into a signature porte cochère.

182 Cecil Street, Singapore 069547
Category Office
Year 2018
Size 77,200sqm
Synthesising the horizontal expanse of green and the vertical expanse of glass that surround the site, the form differentiates itself while maintaining a dialogue with the context.
The combination of the park and the existing urban context formed the key parameters from which the design took its inspiration.
Outside the office walls, outdoor green enclaves provide opportunities for respite in a park setting.
Frasers Tower is an exclusive 38-storey Premium Grade-A office tower located along the prime corridor between the core CBD and upcoming Greater Southern Waterfront development.

Lush greenery flows from the public park into the office lobby space, terracing up the outdoor retail decks and up to the office sky-deck, unifying the retail podium and the main office tower. Outside the office walls, outdoor green enclaves provide opportunities for respite in a park setting. Keeping in mind the prospects of tenants hosting an array of events, four community zones were designed to meet the various needs – ranging from small-scale parties to town hall gatherings. These communal zones were created to encourage professional and social interactions within the working community. Retail and dining outlets sit amid the greenery of the site, in contrast with the sleek tower above.

To address evolving needs and the popularity of shared workspaces, the interior spatial planning called for flexibility to provide for a variety of office subdivision, appealing to a wide spectrum of users from the larger multinational companies to the smaller start-ups.

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2020 China Real Estate Design Awards (Merit), Public Building
Frasers Tower
2019 Melbourne Design Awards, Gold Winner (Architecture - Commercial - International)
Frasers Tower
2019 Global Architecture and Design Awards, Honourable Mention
Frasers Tower

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