NJITRIP Fuying Tower

Crafting an environment as business catalyst

Located in the South-West of the Nanjing Technology Park (West) Master Plan, Fuying Tower was the first activated plot after DP Architects won the master plan design competition in 2012. The complex is composed of two L-shaped 5-storey podiums and attached 17-storey towers that mirror one another around an internal landscaped courtyard. A public landscape connector is positioned in the centre of the courtyard to form a rich urban visual corridor that promotes connectivity among users. The development comprises an IT incubator, accelerator office spaces and various business support facilities.

Jiu Long Shan Lu, Qixia Qu, Nanjing Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China, 210034
Category Urban Planning | Office | Mixed Use
Year 2015
Size 27,438 sqm
The design and planning of the Fuying Tower complex focused on crafting a rich, attractive and conducive environment as a catalyst for business innovation and create opportunities for interaction between the occupants.
A curtain-wall façade incorporating horizontal fins expresses the simplicity and aesthetic of the development.
An internal landscaped courtyard promotes connectivity among occupants of the two towers.
The project comprises two L-shaped 5-storey podiums and attached 17-storey towers.

Business, retail and support facilities sit on the ground floor while the upper floors house the heart of the complex: co-working zones for IT-specialists, an international software research centre and small IT enterprises. A voluminous entrance drop-off promotes a sense of openness and porosity while encouraging visual engagement between the public and private spaces. Networking, leisure activities and social events take place on the open, carved space of the sixth-storey podium roof.

The connecting garden landscape and sunken gardens at the basement level of each building maximise the admission of natural light. For building performance, the large operable windows present a sweeping view of the surroundings, provide good cross ventilation and bring natural light into the office space.

Through low-emission, insulated double-glazing, horizontal and vertical shading devices on the façades reduce energy consumption and harmful effects of the sun during summer, while retaining the heat inside the office during winter.

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2019 Global Architecture and Design Awards, Third Award
Nanjing Fuying Tower
2018 China Real Estate Design Awards (Merit)
Nanjing Technology Park Fuying Tower

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