Oasia Hotel & Novena Specialist Centre

An urban oasis

The design of this specialist healthcare centre and integrated urban hotel is guided by its namesake ‘Oasia’ – a fusion of ‘oasis’ and ‘Asia’ – and unifies medical and hospitality spaces with Singapore’s tropical climate as a site for the well-being of patients and guests. As a mixed-use complex, the long-established architectural dichotomies of healthcare and leisure merge to establish new hybrid forms.

The development is organised into three vertical blocks: specialist facilities occupy a podium, and two stacked blocks divide the guestrooms and clubrooms of the 428-unit hotel above. Programming elements and architectural details of the three masses are embedded with natural attributes.

8 Sinaran Dr, Singapore 307470
Category Retail | Hospitality | Healthcare | Mixed Use
Year 2011
Size 24,300sqm
The spatial quality of the development is largely defined by the open spaces that have been introduced at various levels. At the ground level, visitors are greeted by a large sunken courtyard which provides an urban space sheltered from the street bustle.

Treatment of the hotel tower façade reflects the project’s mantra on nature, “life which springs from water, and this water – from rain that falls from the sky”: blue and grey colours correspond with hues of the skies before rainfall; articulated window components suggest raindrops.

Terraces on the 8th and 22nd floors serve to segment the programmatic blocks by offering outdoor spaces with lap pools and water features. Such green terraces are also layered into the specialist centre’s programme as courtyards and decks, holistic natural spaces which unite the medical suites. A large sunken courtyard fronting the main road works as a private park and performs as a buffer between the site and its hard urban edge.

Specialist Services

Integrated services provided for this project.


2015 Singapore Good Design Mark Awards (Gold)
Novena Lifestyle and Medical Hub
2013 FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Awards (Gold Award)
Novena Lifestyle and Medical Hub

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