Invigorating Heritage and History
Okmeydani Masterplan
Okmeydani, Istanbul

Located in the vibrant Beyoğlu district in central Istanbul, Okmeydani is a bustling neighbourhood with a rich history. The proposed master plan optimises residential land use, integrates community facilities and adds green spaces. The team took note of three unique site characteristics: Okmeydani’s rich history and archaeological heritage; its steep topography where a ridge rises toward the north; and distinct culture and walkable urban fabric of the Beyoğlu district.

Taking a holistic approach that respects the site context, and using the municipal’s master plan as a guiding framework, three key urban design strategies are derived: Celebrate the historical significance of the site with a heritage trail and open-air museum; craft an iconic ridge over the skyline given the site’s prominence across the Golden Horn; and create a network of walkable streets and a pedestrianised central boulevard.

The heritage trail passes through every obelisk location within the site, forming a ring of linear park and integrated public open space. The proposed revision to the master plan’s open space network also joins together fragmented public spaces within the site. The concept of an open-air museum returns the heritage assets to the people for their enjoyment, where the rich history of Okmeydani becomes part of residents’ daily life.