OUE Bayfront

Context, Continuity and Connection

The Overseas Union Enterprise (OUE) Bayfront project is a redevelopment of the former Overseas Union House into an 18-storey office block. The building’s proportions are informed by wide site dimensions and a height limit enforced per the building’s proximity to Marina Bay. As OUE Bayfront is situated among Singapore’s tallest towers, its resultant, comparatively low-rise profile gains it distinction within the downtown cityscape.

The design reflects its dialectic position between the height of these towers and the sea-level flatness of the bay waters. Two conjoined block forms are designed with differing façade treatments: envelope fins on the inland component return the verticality of its adjacent towers, while those of the bayside emphasise horizontality.

50 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049321
Category Office
Year 2011
Size 46,500sqm
Designed to augment urban connectivity and to encourage public use, the site maximises pedestrian circulation between the streets and the waterfront promenade.
The building is lifted by structural columns to allow visibility and circulation at ground level.
OUE Bayfront is proportioned in response to its wide site dimensions and a height limit based on its proximity to the bay waters.
The height of the 18-storey office block moderates between the small-scale structures at the waterfront and the high-rise buildings of Singapore’s downtown.

The project included the conservation of the historic Change Alley Aerial Plaza comprising the viewing tower and overhead bridge, as well as the development of a stretch of a waterfront promenade to complete a continuous ring of civic use around Marina Bay.

The structure and site layout are designed to augment urban connectivity and to encourage public use. The tower base is lifted by 12m from the ground plane to produce visual corridors linking the street with the bay, and the placement of services in the basement makes way for additional public circulation space at the ground level.

At the second level, an existing conserved pedestrian bridge links OUE Bayfront programmes with those of adjacent buildings. On the roof, a restaurant unifies with lower level eateries, retail and dining along the 16m wide waterfront promenade.

The neighbouring Change Alley Aerial Plaza Tower, a conserved structure that links the two high-frequency destinations of Raffles Place and Collyer Quay, is also being refurbished and renamed as OUE Tower, a food and beverage space.

Specialist Services

Integrated services provided for this project.


2013 Asia Pacific Property Awards - Best Office Development Singapore (Winner)
OUE Bayfront
2013 Asia Pacific Property Awards - Commercial High-rise Development (Highly Commended)
OUE Bayfront

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