OUE Twin Peaks

The height of city living

Material and sensory aspects of nature are woven into the public and private spaces of the OUE Twin Peaks residential towers, which are sited in a large park offset from the Orchard Road community in Singapore.

Building massing and orientation provide outward views focused on Orchard Road, and each tower is divided into two interlocking volumes to align every unit on this prime axis; the articulated moment of horizontality breaks the vertical linearity of the tower block.

67 Carlisle Rd, Singapore 219637
Category Residential
Year 2015
Size 36,840sqm
A significant feature of the twin towers is the articulation of interlocking volumes to break the linearity of the tower block as well as maximise external views from all units.
The entire topmost level hosts amenities for use by the residents and becomes the ideal entertainment spot with breathtaking views of Orchard Road.
The vertical volume of the buildings are punctuated with the sky gym, creating a signature void.
The two identical 35-storey towers in a perfect symmetry of sophistication are sited in the immediate vicinity of Singapore’s famous Orchard Road.

Outdoor spaces and transitions place the site in relation to the architecture. The development’s two 35-storey blocks integrate 462 residential units with a landscape that features an art garden, an outdoor sitting room immersed in tall grasses and green walls, indoor and outdoor dining, a swimming pool, and a pavilion garden.

Water features produce sounds of motion as prevalent signals of the passage into new spaces — arrival courts and linkways are planned with reflecting pools and ponds.

Specialist Services

Integrated services provided for this project.


2018 London Design Awards, Silver Winner (Architecture - Residential - International)
OUE Twin Peaks
2016 NParks – Leaf 2016 (Certificate of Recognition)
OUE Twin Peaks
2013 OUE Twin Peaks
Asia Pacific Property Awards (Highly Commended)

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