Project Bus Stop

A bus stop that makes waiting fun

Project Bus Stop, a concept bus shelter, began as a part of a larger initiative, Project Blind Spot – a corporate social responsibility initiative by DP Architects that sought to challenge the conventional thinking and design of objects and spaces; in this case the urban transport system. The project explores a public transport network that creates experiential journeys in the city – with invigorating spaces where people transit, meet and share stories.

Designed as a landscape with adaptable kit-of-parts programmatic modules, this prototype involves the possibilities of hosting multiple social situations beyond its primary functions.

Category Sports, Community & Recreation | Transport
Year 2016
Size -
Project Bus Stop is a concept bus shelter at Jurong East Central that reimagines how the daily experience of commuters can be enhanced by reinventing the bus stop as an active social generator of experience, meanings and memories.
Multi-functional bus stop with adaptable kit-of-parts.
Smart panels with intuitive displays for public interaction.
Book sharing on-the-go.

For commuters who are simply waiting for the bus, user-friendly features include seats with armrests for greater comfort and ease of use, clearer infographics, as well as dedicated accessible zone for commuters in wheelchairs or who are travelling with prams, to ensure greater inclusivity in the design. These social, technological and environmental plug-ins allow the community to have a wide palette of opportunities for future appropriation, to re-shape the bus stop within their own neighbourhoods to meet their own evolving needs.

Ultimately, this experimental bus stop seeks to make waiting for the bus an enriching experience for all. The co-creation process with authorities resulted in a truly purposeful and inclusive design that engages, enriches and empowers the community; while sparking future opportunities to rethink and reimagine other urban spaces and create enjoyable experiences.

Photos courtesy of Ministry of National Development and Urban Redevelopment Authority.

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2018 Melbourne Design Awards, Silver
Project Bus-Stop

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