Resorts World Sentosa

Water, landscape and form

Resorts World Sentosa is an integrated leisure and entertainment resort of the largest kind, a 49-hectare tropical destination for regional and international visitors sited on Singapore’s Sentosa Island.

It is an architectural and master-planning project designed to offer a milieu of activities among a series of heavily interwoven zones of programme. Our architects worked across all scales to design a resort unified with its tropical island site and responsive to its views of the ocean and the city of Singapore.

8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269
Category Urban Planning | Retail | Hospitality | Sports, Community & Recreation | Theme Parks | Mixed Use
Year 2010
Size 490,000sqm
Our design provides many large open spaces and pedestrian routes that organise the site, creating interesting experiences for visitors.
Adventure Cove Waterpark lets visitors float down a meandering river through fourteen different settings including a tropical garden, a mysterious grotto and an underwater tunnel.
Pedestrian circulation routes bring visitors on visually evolving journeys, through event spaces and across changing topographies.
ETFE canopies provide shade and rain protection.

Central to the project’s planning is a system of waterways and pedestrian circulation routes, especially designed to bring visitors on visually evolving journeys, through event spaces and across changing topographies. These paths are planned sequentially to alternate the visitor amongst various axes of orientation and reveal new and exciting frames of view, such as the mainland, the sea, the elements of the project’s architecture, or the Merlion national landmark on the site’s ridge.

Resorts World Sentosa jointly exhibits large open spaces: performance venues, a retail promenade, an outdoor food and beverage zone covered by an immense ETFE canopy for shade and rain protection, and the intimate, immediate relationships of the waterfront and lush landscape.

Three tropical design elements are used to characterise the project: (1) water, (2) landscape and (3) the forms, materials and details associated with tropical architecture—  highly articulated façades, awning treatments, shade-producing trellis work and large pitched roofs.

The use of natural palettes, including those displayed by the millions of square metres of stone that has been imported from regions worldwide, supply a breadth of warm colour and surface that engage the visitor and assimilate the project within the island’s tropical rainforests.

In collaboration with Michael Graves and Associates, USA


2013 LIAS Awards of Excellence (Gold)
Resorts World Sentosa
2010 Cityscape Awards - Architecture Emerging Markets (Highly Commended) - Leisure Built
Resorts World Sentosa Central Zone
2010 Cityscape Awards - Architecture Emerging Markets (Highly Commended)
Resorts World Sentosa Central Zone

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