Orienting Towards Horizons of the Future
Seef Lusail Masterplan
Doha, Qatar

Seef Lusail is a 600,000sqm mixed-used development located at the waterfront of Lusail City, Qatar’s vision for a distinctive iconic city for the 21st century which celebrates the cultural and geographical heritage of Qatar and the Gulf Region. The master plan, developed by Seef Lusail Real Estate Development Company and designed by DP Architects, is a fluid interweave of mixed-use programs, open spaces and public amenities.

The master plan is characterised by deeply integrated mixed-use zones, woven together by climate-sensitive pedestrian paths and a multi-modal transportation network. The master plan sought to fulfil the vision for a pedestrian-friendly city that is responsive to the local urban heritage and its natural environment.

Seef Lusail has four distinct zones: A Marine Village, a Major Retail and Entertainment Zone, an Integrated Mixed-use hub, as well as a Waterfront Residential Community.

In order to take full advantage of its prime waterfront location, SEEF Lusail will feature a one-of-a-kind unique retail, dining and entertainment experience that will stretch throughout the waterfront. The design will also take into consideration the climate in Qatar, in order to have a lively and active waterfront all year long. Residents and visitors will take advantage of new global retailers, a variety of food & beverage themes, hotels and cutting-edge entertainment concepts.