Solitaire 14

A building of all trades

Solitaire 14 is a contemporary office building situated in the Solitaire corporate park in Andheri, one of Mumbai’s busiest commercial hubs.  The development accommodates a number of multi-national companies and Solitaire 14 is designed to international standards of quality, efficiency and long-term energy sustainability. 

5, Guru Hargovindji Rd, Mota Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047, India
Category Office
Year 2014
Size 14,900sqm
Full-height glass gives a visual transparency that allows tenants to engage with their context and brings in natural light for a conducive work environment.
Refuge areas on upper floors were designed to articulate the façade and break its monotony.
The imposing nine-metre-high lobby creates an immediate impression on visitors.
Glass facades, with generous sunshading, provide more than ninety percent of the usable office space with natural light.

Being one of many buildings within the complex, its entrance is designed as a prominent presence.  The driveway enters an imposing nine-metre-high drop-off area and lobby, creating an immediate impression on visitors and sets it apart from its neighbours. 

Mandatory requirements for refuge areas on upper floors have been used to articulate the façade and break its monotony.  The designated area has been divided into smaller landscaped terraces, interweaving landscape into the building. The terraces become part of their adjacent offices, enhancing the spatial quality. 

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