Sunray Woodcraft Construction Headquarters

Putting design first

The origins of this design narrative is rooted in a singular strand of thought: How do we go about creating the new headquarters? We understood the client’s desire for a new headquarters with increased space to match its wide range of user requirements. We also recognised the high visibility that the site’s unique location offered. Taking on the project, we did what we do best. We put design first, allowing user requirements to speak to us and building experience to drive the design. The design outcome is one that surpasses aesthetic typical to the warehouse norm.

9 Sungei Kadut Street 3, Singapore 729143
Category Industrial
Year 2014
Size 16,800sqm
The design for Sunray Headquarters redefines the notion of tropical architecture and the characteristic wood and furniture factory – from the typical, open-sided, corrugated metal roof, warehouse type commonly seen in the region into a design that is highly efficient and aesthetically appealing.
The use of yellow pays homage to the company’s corporate colour, with the three tones serving as a creative interpretation of the stacked boxes concept.
Sketches of the composition of the boxes in relation to their function.
The building’s stacked box design is a series of interconnected volumes which correspond to their interior functions.

We tapped on the advantage of Sunray’s location and as we challenged design conventions, we effectively transformed the architectural façade into an effective medium of brand communication. 

While the use of yellow throughout the building pays homage to the company’s corporate colours, the stacked timber box design of interconnected volumes correspond to their interior functions. A concrete box stands in contrast to the building’s yellow blocks and serves to draw the eye to Sunray’s showroom. A large picture window further highlights the furniture on display and create a focal point on two sides of the building facing the train tracks.

The first to be completed as part of the newly positioned International Furniture Hub, the new headquarters of Sunray Woodcraft Construction not only brings a refreshing take on the light industry factory. It also sets the bar high for its counterparts – one that is befitting of its reputation as a leader in its field.

Specialist Services

Integrated services provided for this project.


2015 President’s Design Award 2015 - Design of the Year
Sunray Woodcraft Construction Headquarters
2014 14th SIA Architectural Design Awards
Sunray Woodcraft Construction Headquarters

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