Against the grain

The design for the four-storey industrial building projects a contemporary image as an anti-thesis of past typical industrial building. To break away from the typical introverted and function-driven form, the glass and aluminium façade is consciously expressed with a rhythmic linear protruding and recessed pattern that breaks down the massing into a more welcoming and inviting scale.

81 Tagore Lane, Singapore 787508
Category Industrial
Year 2016
Size 18,600sqm
The idea was to rethink the industrial building typology. Rather than the typical cheerless functional building, our design seeks to create an environment that is inviting, intimate and cosy.

The building comprises three major compositions – two distinct linear blocks and inner courtyards, united by a continuous recreation datum on the roof. By arranging two linear blocks apart in the trapezoidal shaped site, two landscaped courtyards are inserted on Level 1 and Basement 1. They function as strategic nodes that create a conducive and cross-ventilated environment in an industrial zone.

The two lushly landscaped internal courtyards and fine-grain vertical railings provide visual relief to the considerable span of linear blocks and its internal corridors, creating a pleasant and enjoyable circulation zone for users.

On the roof, a landscaped garden with a swimming pool, sheltered barbecue pits, sinks and seating provide an outdoor recreational and gathering place for tenants to exercise, socialise and bond, an uncommon feature for an industrial development. 

Specialist Services

Integrated services provided for this project.

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