Temasek Club

Nestled in Nature

Spanning 21,000sqm, the design of Temasek Club conceals the volume of the club buildings by ingeniously tucking the mass within a natural valley in the terrain. The terrain was cleverly employed as a cradle for the built massing; from the main entrance court, the club appears as a single-storey building. Sensitive site planning further ensured that views of the nature reserve remain unspoilt from the main road.

Beginning from the entrance, the architectural intent is clear: to coexist with the natural habitat but be resolute in representing the grandeur and discipline of the SAF military establishment. The driveway then leads to the main entrance courtyard, an interpretation of a military parade square which features a line of columns anchoring the façades of the facing blocks. Taking a place of pride in this courtyard, and catching one’s attention upon arrival, is a striking sculpture, also designed by DPA, that represents the motto and eight core values of SAF.

131 Rifle Range Rd, Singapore 588406
Category Sports, Community & Recreation
Year 2015
Size 21,000sqm
The landscape transitions gently from nature reserve to the club compound, blurring the boundaries between built and natural spaces. Care was taken to draw nature into the interiors, creating lush spaces that are intimately connected with its verdant surrounds.
The central lobby seen from the back. Taking advantage of a natural valley in the terrain, the lobby disguises the building mass and appears as a single-storey building when seen from the front.
In reference to the bold lines of the club’s logo, the eight horizontal louvres helmed by a copper-hued roof represent the nine strokes of the lion’s mane. The louvres double as sunshades and aid natural ventilation.
The staircase within the circulation drums to the right and left of the central lobby serves all floors and connects to the clearly zoned programmes.

On both ends of the arrival hall are two naturally ventilated buildings connected via two circulation drums. Taking cues from the identity of the Temasek Club: the buildings feature eight horizontal louvres that are helmed by a copper hued roof, which represent the nine strokes of the lion’s mane in the Club’s logo. The roof is also lifted at an angle in reference to the geometry of the logo, which simultaneously aids in the natural ventilation of the interiors. The horizontal louvres provide shade, while also keeping rain and monkeys at bay.

Temasek club offers the experience of an exclusive retreat among the greenery from the typically dense urban environment of Singapore. The design of the eleven guesthouse villas, nestled within the existing tree clusters, draws nature into the interiors while ensuring these villas blend into the greenery sensibly and harmoniously.

These guest spaces are perched on an elevated deck to protect the trees and terrain. A palette of natural materials of warm neutral tones were used, and full-height glazing proffers expansive views of the landscape beyond.

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2015 BCA Green Mark Award for Buildings (Platinum)
Temasek Club

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