Yotel Singapore

Enhanced experience in a compact space

Yotel Singapore is the brand’s first micro-hotel in Asia. Situated within the famed Orchard shopping district, it stands out with its façade of textured glass and aluminium, juxtaposed with a rustic bronze podium that appears three-dimensional against the slim 30-storey tower.

The striking façade complements the distinct aesthetic of the Yotel brand, to appeal to worldly, tech-engaged urban travellers. The interior spaces are thoughtfully planned and designed to create a sense of luxury and larger space.

Meeting the design challenge to have as many room as possible on a very tight site which was largely eluded from plain sight, the architects designed a slender 30-storey tower to sit on an existing 7-storey car park podium.

366 Orchard Road, Singapore 238904
Category Hospitality
Year 2018
Size 31,100sqm
The project demonstrates clever creative choices within a confined space in a high-density urbanscape.

The façade expression complements Yotel’s distinct design aesthetic inspired by first-class airline cabins. On the exterior, warm lighting accentuates the linear patterns of the façade, while giving a welcoming glow to the hotel. Inside, purple mood lighting creates a futuristic yet cosy feel that enhances the tech-focused brand.

Working with a typical guest cabin size of 12.5sqm, the architects creatively configured the layout to maximise the volumetric height of the rooms. The result, where the guests are greeted with a generous volume of space, bestows a sense luxury and comfort. This also addresses the limited views from the confined site by emphasising on the spatial and material comfort of inward-facing rooms.

The architects worked closely with the M&E and interior designers to provide smart space-saving design solutions. The hotel was strategically planned to accommodate the full-suite of in-house facilities without extensive back-of-house area. Each mechanical room was laid out to justify its space requirements to the tee, to free up GFA. Open spaces for co-working, social gatherings and exercise were designed to create a sense of community and interaction opportunities between guests. Colour schemes at different parts of the hotel were customised to enhance the guest experience, while contributing to the sense of spatial comfort.

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