Smart Today.
​​​​​​​Smart Tomorrow.

Published on 3 September 2018

DPA Thailand Director Tan Jiann Woei was invited as a panellist in a seminar titled ‘Smart Today. Smart Tomorrow’ organised by BSH Group - the largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe - and Indesign Media. The seminar explored today’s smart home preferences, the benefits and disadvantages of current smart home technology and its impact on residential design in future.

The seminar conferred that the take-up rate of smart technology for homes is mixed and differs throughout ASEAN, but is increasingly requested by property owners. This, Mr Tan iterated as he shared and spoke from his experience with DP Architects' range of projects in ASEAN. He highlighted this increased demand for the integration of smart technologies even in smaller spaces. Other reasons include maximising convenience and reducing electrical water bills. Hence, the need to design future-proof homes for users from multiple generations.

The seminar also featured Mr Alan Fan, Executive Director at Topos Architects and Topos Design; Mr Jonathan Quek, Director at RT+Q Architects and Mr John E. Tan, Smart Building Account Manager at ABB as panellists.

Photos courtesy of BSH Group.