The Capstone Project: Giving back to the community through collaborative and innovative design

Published on 24 September 2018

The optimisation of space within nursing homes has been a long-drawn problem due to rising costs and land constraints in Singapore. Contributing back to society, DP Architects (DPA) teamed up with senior-year students from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in the Capstone Project; tackling spatial efficiency issues currently faced by nursing homes in their assisted bathing facilities. The aim is to design a commode and shower trolley hybrid that is safe for non-ambulatory patients to use. It should also be space-efficient for transfer and storage purposes.
The design of the chair implements a weaving pattern that focuses support on specific parts of the body that requires more support. For example, the weave is denser at the parts that support the back and shoulders providing maximum support and comfort. In its bed form, the chair can be used in the shower just as how shower trollies are used today. In its chair form, it can be used to transport patients around. In its folded form, it can be stored away efficiently to dry. The chair performs all these functions in one device.

The Capstone project is an industry-based, multi-disciplinary project for senior-year students from SUTD to apply the design principles, concepts and techniques they have learned to solve real-world problems. It aims to give students a holistic, integrated experience in solving industry problems.

The successful project was displayed at the Capstone Showcase held at SUTD on 2nd August.
As a result of the successful collaboration, DP Architects has been invited for future Capstone programme iterations with SUTD.
Photos courtesy of SUTD.