Serving a wide range of government clients and project types, our strategic approach allows us to effectively manage every institutional project type from large-scale academic mixed-use campuses, government headquarters and learning facilities design to small-scale feasibility studies. Our institutional solutions help promote positive change and growth that shapes a nation’s identity.

Staying up to date on trends impacting the institutional sector, especially the emphasis on a creative and knowledge-based economy requiring a lifelong upgrading of skills and critical thinking, we are aware that the pedagogy of today's needs is non-linear. The way information is broadcast and received is constantly shifting. The traditional model of institutional buildings thus has to be able to adapt to its ever-changing needs, and developing simple and flexible models that can be adaptable and elastic in how it serves to provide a usable learning environment is key.

We aim to design institutional spaces that inspire and create innovators and leaders who can resolve the multifarious challenges of the 21st century. We believe in the power of great design to shape the educational experience and to inspire human success.

Dulwich College

Area: 22,085sqm
Year of Completion: 2014
Location: Singapore

Zero Energy Building at BCA Academy

Area: 3,000sqm
Year of Completion: 2009
Location: Singapore