Urban Planning

Over decades, DP has been actively involved in a multitude of projects at various scales – from large, hundreds-of-hectare master plans, right down to a single building in the same project. Being one of the largest architecture firms in the world, our actual built experience in a wide variety of building types has provided us with a rich database of research and functional criteria which inform our planning work from multiple perspectives. In addition, our diversified clientele, that includes government bodies, real estate developers and institutions, has allowed us to develop familiar insights into the diverse requirements and priorities of different stakeholders. Our experience means we’ve developed a principled methodology, one that is multidisciplinary, to help realise our vision of what urbanism and public spaces should be. Through the belief that the built environment has the power to uplift the human spirit and experience over several epochs – which begins at the inception of a master plan – our planners are interested in creating long-term vibrancy for the area being designed.

Place-making is a top priority for us – extending beyond form to include programming components, balanced with sensitive consideration of the people, their cultural norms, their practices, climate and weather. At the same time, we also ensure our plans are economically transformative, open and flexible so that the design can adapt as that particular culture or locale evolves. Issues of social inclusiveness, “imageability”, identity, sustainability, memorability, liveability and economic viability are all key principles that we keep in mind in starting our projects. We also focus on environmental factors such as improving air quality, reducing carbon footprint or making the city more walkable, so that the environment we design helps cities become the attractive destinations they need to be for future living, vibrant and healthy community-building and economic investment.

Tersane Istanbul Master Plan

Area: 320,000sqm
Year of Completion: 2017
Location: Turkey & CIS