Biophilia is Wellness


On 11th July, Singapore Green Building Council organised a series of insightful seminars, workshops and events in partnership with the Lifelong Learning Institute in support of the SkillsFuture Festival 2019. Aptly themed ‘Green Inside Out’, The Future of Building Seminar Series brought together industry players together for a deep-dive evaluation of urban greenery. Among the industry experts present and invited as a keynote speaker to share her insights on the importance of Biophilia and the critical role that the built environment industry plays, was Ms Yvonne Tan, director of DP Green, a specialist arm within the DP Architects group of companies.

Yvonne highlighted the increasing demand for wellness in the community and everyday living that comes with the rise of the silver tsunami in a rapidly urbanising world calls for new considerations and unconventional design solutions. The answer then could be found in Biophilia. Identified by the World Green Building Council as one of seven features crucial for healthier spaces, Biophilia plays an important role across a wide spectrum ranging from health and well-being to livelihoods and economy. It helps to reduce stress, encourage recovery, enhance creativity and clarity of thought and improve overall health.

Hence, the built environment industry plays a vital role in the conceptualisation and delivery of these developing concepts. Covering this in her keynote “Biophilia is Wellness” from the perspective of a landscape architect, Yvonne described the therapeutic and wellness design considerations that shape DP Green’s biophilic design response.

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