DP Architects appoints​​​​ Mr Seah Chee Huang as Deputy CEO and ​​​​​​​Mr Lee Shee Koeng as COO


DP Architects is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Seah Chee Huang as Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Mr Lee Shee Koeng as Chief Operating Officer, with effect from 1 May 2019.

A firm believer that architecture and design have the ability to touch hearts, shape minds and inspire lives, Chee Huang is not only a key driver of design, research and innovation in DPA. He also actively partakes in the larger discourse of the built environment and its necessary transformation. With his unique ability to tie industry knowledge in with DP’s values and mission, Chee Huang’s appointment marks the transition to the next generation of leaders; in line with plans to ensure the continuity of the practice. As Deputy CEO, he will assist CEO Angelene Chan and Chairman Francis Lee in charting and executing the long-term strategies of the DP Architects group of companies.

Shee Keong re-joined DPA in early 2019, bringing with him deep industry experience and an impressive track record. Having previously been with DPA for 22 years, he also has a keen understanding of and alignment with the firm’s core values and culture. Shee Koeng, as the COO, a new position within the group, will assist the CEO to oversee the administrative and business operations of the firm.

DP Architects Board of Directors

Today, as a multidisciplinary global design practice, DP’s successes have always and will continue to rely on the collective effort of its people. In addition to the two senior appointments, we are pleased to announce the promotion of 126 titleholders.


Deputy Chief Executive Officer
1  Seah Chee Huang

Chief Operating Officer
2  Lee Shee Koeng

3  Foo Chai Yee
4  Jeffrey Ng (DPE)
5  Yong Siew Onn (DPSD)
6  Djoko Prihanto (DPU)

Senior Associate Director
7  Bernard Tay
8  Kor Teck Poh
9  Lim Sheau Miin
10  Kim Oh Ra (DP Design)
11  Thiyagarajan Rajagopalan (India)
12  Karlson Goh (Malaysia)
13  William Chua (Malaysia)

Associate Director
14  Anthony Ting
15  Kesmar Silalahi
16  Low Chin Win
17  Ng Ching Hsiung
18  Ooi Yu Teik
19  Tay Chin Nyap
20  Terrence Chua
21  Taib Shabbir (DPSD)
22  Wu Xin Chun (China)
23  Goh Yong Qin (China)
24  Tang Jun Hao (China)
25  Wu Yiyu (China)
26  Luo Hao (China)
27  Ellina Rahman (Malaysia)

Senior Associate
28  Achmad Maulana
29  Ahmmad Trisyarahman
30  Alba Redondo
31  Daniel Po
32  Emily Lim
33  Fransiska Wongso
34  Indra Karsono
35  Jade Dhanoputri
36  Mark Chen
37  Ng Pei Yun
38  Ngo Duy Linh
39  Ong Hoay San
40  Rully Adrian
41  Shaju Nanukuttan
42  Tan Kok Ming
43  Taufiq Rusdi
44  Goh Hui Yen (Technical)
45  Joey Chua (Technical)
46  Kristina Sabatini (Technical)
47  Wang Aiting (Technical)
48  Zulsairi Sarib (Technical)
49  Wayne Goh (Contracts)
50  Adrias Tan (Contracts)
51  Alicia Khoo (FF&E) (DP Design)
52  Erickson Perez (DP Design)
53  Faye Lee (DP Design)
54  Jeffrey Marinas (DP Design)
55  Tricia Bunlue (DP Design)
56  Kow Wee Kwang (DPE)
57  Michael Doculara (DPE)
58  Steven Nah (DPE)
59  Adelina Jaya (DPSD)
60  Ma Jia (China)
61  Wang Jian (China)
62  Xing Xiang Xi (China)
63  Shilpa Srinivasaiah (India)
64  Vivek Sinnarkar (India)
65  Dona Ashikin (Malaysia)
66  Hasrin Hashim (Malaysia)
67  Lim Foong Ting (Technical) (Malaysia)
68  Eram Ansari (MENA)
69  Jenabi Ling (Thailand & Indochina)

70  Angela Siang
71  Anwar Rashid
72  Ashley Geh
73  Daniel Lee
74  Fan Rui Ern
75  Goh Hui Wen
76  Hu Linyuan
77  Jerome Lim
78  Joanne Gay
79  Jomar Locson
80  Justin Cruz
81  Karlota Nunez
82  Liu Mingxiao
83  Louise Wong
84  Malcolm Lim
85  Melvin Tan
86  Paul Lim
87  Pax Heralex Dequito
88  Presco Adigue
89  Rama Adhitya
90  Riziel Villagonzalo
91  Sony
92  Tan Hai Ching
93  Voon Ke Yang
94  Allen Ngoi (Technical)
95  Deejay Punsalan (Technical)
96  Dzulkifli Noor (Technical)
97  Nugraha Irsan (Technical)
98  Sektya Armanda (Technical)
99  Low Wei Theng (Technical)
100  Villardo Morales (Technical)
101  Jason Lim (Contracts)
102  Laura Lye (Contracts)
103  Jimmy Vinuya (DPD)
104  Carmelo Cardino (DPD)
105  Emilie Tanlapco (DPD)
106  Adrian Leong (DPE)
107  Alvin Yap (DPE)
108  Joey Goh (DPE)
109  Ho Weng Kin (DPE)
110  Amirah Asilah (DPSD)
111  Helen Yan (DPSD)
112  Ary Edityanto (Principal Planner) (DPU)
113  Jin Xin (China)
114  Sun Li Li (China)
115  Yin Jia Li (China)
116  Zhang Xiao (China)
117  Chai Xin Ying (Malaysia)
118  Kent Hew (Malaysia)
119  Mohamad Hafifi (Malaysia)
120  Rachel Wong (Malaysia)
121  Pakawadee Chiyachan (Thailand)
122  Supakij Homthong (Thailand)
123  Thiti Sanguanphao (Thailand)

Business Departments

124  Liz Tan
Director, Finance

Senior Manager
125  Tan Eng Chiu
Senior Manager, Finance

126  Heng Kaih Yee
Manager, Finance

Assistant Manager
127  May Chew
Assistant Manager, Finance
128  Sophie Guo
Assistant Manager, Finance