DPA Sweeps Four Awards at Global Architecture & Design Awards 2023


DP Architects (DPA) takes home four awards at the international Global Architecture & Design Awards 2023.

M-Kautilya received the Second Award for Office Building (Concept), while Deira Waterfront Development, Morocco Mall and The INLET Block 2 received the Third Award for Urban Design (Built), Commercial (Concept) and Mixed Use (Built), respectively.

The architectural schemes of the projects have been recognised for their placemaking strategies; each drawing from the genius loci of their locales to create architecture and precincts of uniquely localised experiences with global appeal.

Inspired by Morocco’s amazing geology, the architecture of Morocco Mall in Marrakesh iterates its natural rock formation and terraced villages through a linear series of landscaped terraces leading up to its rooftop garden. This design intent is carried into its interior architecture which features exquisite handmade Berber textiles and artisanal craftwork, presenting visitors with a distinct sense of Moroccan hospitality.

The Deira Waterfront Development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is envisioned as a vibrant and diverse world-class destination integrating live, work and play in one locale. The master plan, leveraging new opportunities presented by the waterfront, strategically introduces mixed-use programmes of round-the-clock activities from retail and workplace to residential and hospitality developments. It simultaneously integrates the rich culture and heritage of Deira into its architectural scheme, embedding the precincts with a deep sense of place and identity.

Sustainability and wellbeing are central to the architectural scheme of M-Kautilya, an office development in Maharashtra, India. With carbon neutral goals in mind, the design incorporates renewable energy systems and climate-responsive façade design. Informed by solar exposure studies, the North façade is open for natural light and vistas while its East and West façades feature horizontal louvres of greater density at the top where it is more impacted by direct sunlight. This helps to ease the HVAC load while improving indoor thermal comfort. End-user wellbeing is also accounted for through the use of biophilic elements throughout the office building.

The INLET Block 2 in Shanghai, China is a contemporary three-storey retail insertion sited in adjacency to a heritage site and is recognised for its sensitive yet creative response to its historical surroundings. The project, with its intentionally-kept simple form and use of materiality, is conceptualised as both a mirror of and a gateway into a piece of urban history; effectively delivering a differentiated retail experience where history takes centre stage and rejuvenating the area.

Organised by Rethinking the Future, the award highlights projects that present revolutionary ideas as the industry embarks towards a sustainable future.