DPSD Director Yong Siew Onn Conferred the Green Engineer of the Year Award


In recognition of outstanding industry practitioners and professionals with significant achievements and consistent contribution in the development of a green and sustainable built environment, the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) launched the joint SGBC-BCA Sustainability Leadership Awards (SLA). Inaugurated in 2016, the SLA recognises achievements from individuals, firms and projects.

This year, under the Green Building Individual Award, DPSD Director Er Yong Siew Onn was conferred the Green Engineer of the Year award. Receiving the award on 5 Sep, Siew Onn was recognised for his active efforts in ensuring that green building design elements by DPSD go hand-in-hand with the overall architectural design of a building. Applying a synergetic approach, Siew Onn works closely with the design architects and engineers to enhance the sustainable design process and integrate the most energy-efficient M&E solutions into the larger green architectural schematics of a building without compromising on form.

Actively involved in the industry, Siew Onn currently serves as a member of the BCA Green Mark Advisory Committee and plays a key role as the Chairman of the Mechanical Taskforce for the SGBC, overseeing the development of green mechanical products to be used in the construction industry. In addition, he represents SGBC as a panel member in the BCA Innovation Grant committee which reviews innovative and productive pilot projects funding as part of BCA’s effort to accelerate the building innovation and productivity cycle in Singapore. He was also previously the Co-Chair in the M&E Workgroup of the BCA-Institute of Higher Learning Built Environment Skills Future Tripartite Taskforce Committee.

Looking ahead, Siew Onn is committed to implementing effective sustainable and adaptable smart solutions to further improve energy-efficiency and reduce carbon footprint in the built environment sector.