Jurong Spring Community Club Wins at Architecture Masterprize Awards 2022


Jurong Spring Community Club (JSCC) has been announced as a winner in the Recreational Architecture category of the recently concluded Architecture Masterprize (AMP) Awards 2022.

The project has been recognized for its transformative refresh of the old community club to serve as a vibrant and inclusive community heart. Designed with a porous and borderless streetscape, the softening of building edges improves accessibility to the community club for residents of Jurong Spring. The improved connectivity also creates a more intentional dialogue between the development and its surroundings; thereby, inviting the neighbourhood in and allowing JSCC to function as a community living room for the residents.

Simultaneously, relevancy is created through careful consideration of site history and context. Expressed in an expanded aluminium mesh façade and subdued colour scheme, the industrial chic building envelope of JSCC is at once a nod towards the precinct’s industrial past and breakaway from conventional articulations of the community club typology.

The AMP Award is an annual award that seeks to advance the appreciation of quality architectural design worldwide. Winners are carefully curated by a jury of architects and leaders in the architectural world.

Click here to view the design inspiration behind Jurong Spring Community Club: https://www.dpa.com.sg/projects/jurongspringcommunityclub/