From Public Passage to Social Space
Asia Green
8 Tampines Grande

Asia Green was envisioned as an urban piazza that acts as a thoroughfare for all users. Biophilic and wellness design approaches are paired to encourage users to dwell in the space with collaborative spaces and F&B outlets. The combination of wood panelling and fluid forms imbues the lobby and reception front with a welcoming atmosphere further highlighted by soft and warm feature mood lighting.

Conceived with sustainability in mind, an intelligent smart twin system with live monitoring of all building and wellbeing indices was installed, with visitors being able to observe real-time statistics on the full-sized LED screen cladded on the existing glass lift wall. The open space lobby is designed for optimal natural ventilation. A pair of fans added to the ceiling without disrupting the existing ceiling and M&E system, harmoniously integrating itself into extant systems.

Embodying concepts of biophilia, fluidity and community, Asia Green transcends conventional interior lobby design through its active yet thoughtful cohesion of new functional elements. The result is an altruistic space that not only invites pedestrians in with its improved circulatory pathways but also a delightful urban nook that facilitates social bonding and community interaction.

Design team

DP Design