Among the Stars
Bagmane Constellation Business Park
Bengaluru, India

Bagmane Constellation Business Park is an exclusive development of independent office blocks within a consolidated site. Each building in the “constellation” has, therefore, been designed to function as an individual tech hub with its own set of architectural characteristics. Collectively, they share a common design language of interlocking volumes and combination of masonry and glazed façade.

Flexibility, functionality and technology are the key attributes that the architectural scheme articulates. Across the office blocks, each has been designed with special emphasis on ease of sub-division of spaces based on the requirements of its respective tenants. The cores are centrally located, which allows for generous interior spatial planning and improves energy-efficiency. Double-glazed façade and high-performance curtain-wall systems help to reduce thermal heat gain indoors while allowing natural light through.

Every block is thoughtfully oriented to ensure views to the plaza and surrounding greenery. Each also features its own unique greenscape, deliberately introduced at planning stage of the complexes, that not only contributes to their respective building identity but also synergises with the natural landscape around Bagmane Constellation Business Park.

Stand-alone tech hubs nestled within a single development, the architectural scheme for Bagmane Constellation Business Park underlines the Bagmane group’s contribution in shaping Bengaluru as the IT hub of India.
— Vikas M Gore, director of DPA

Design team

DP Architects