An Achetypical Display of Excellence
Central Park Jakarta
Jalan S Parman

Central Park is conceived as a gateway to its surrounding vicinity, imbuing a sense of identity in the community. Located along Jalan S. Parman Highway in Western Jakarta, Indonesia, it comprises five components, namely a five-storey retail podium with basement, a 40-storey office tower, a hotel, three identical 48-storey apartment towers and an open green park.

Responding to the needs of users, the layout of Central Park is laid out in such a manner that the office tower is located at one end of the “arch”, the hotel and residential towers are located at another more reclusive end, with the shopping podium linking up the towers to form the characteristic arch. This arched layout has created a “dumb-bell” effect where crowds are dispersed from both ends of the “arch” into the shopping podium, allowing the towers and podium equal views and access to the park. This marries both functional and aesthetic considerations of the project, creating a people-centric project that responds sensitively to the needs of residents that offers visual and physical relief to its surroundings.

In response to the arched layout, the activity decks along the podium façade are shaped as a series of overlapping sinuous curves that sweeps across entire length of the podium façade. These curved decks give Central Park its signature façade, imbuing interesting reliefs and elegant finesse in an otherwise flat podium wall. The office tower takes after the sliced form of natural crystals. Standing at over 200m tall, it contributes to the S. Parman skyline as a distinctive modern icon.