A Tropical Haven and Respite from Urban Life
Civil Service Club @ Changi
2 Netheravon Road

As an addition to the nostalgic coastline of Changi since 2014, the Civil Service Club at Changi was designed to sensitively embrace the tranquil and laidback charm of the Changi Village area while retaining the existing historical buildings. The design intent of this project was to preserve the clubhouse’s colonial heritage, and rejuvenate the surroundings with new recreational and hospitality programmes.

The landscape approach took advantage of the proximity to the sea to create a relaxing resort ambience, tying the new architecture seamlessly with the surroundings. Lush green spaces were designed around existing mature raintrees, imbuing the development with a sense of tranquility. The forecourt, with its textured driveway leading to the pitch-roofed porte-cochere with clipped plantings and decorative pots, evokes colonial architecture.

With respite from tropical heat and rain a key design consideration, tropical building design principles were applied throughout the project. This included the adoption of vertical and horizontal screens at the chalet to provide sun-shading and cross ventilation, double-glazed facade and naturally ventilated corridors to allow chalet guests to enjoy the pleasant green surroundings, while balconies in every room have panoramic views of the sea.

The resort’s embrace of its natural elements creates a consummate sensory atmosphere that elevates the club’s hospitality features, preserving tranquility that enhances the residential experience.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Design, DP Green