At the Intersection of Healthcare and Hospitality
1 Farrer Park Station Road, Singapore 217562

Connexion is the first fully integrated healthcare and hospitality complex in the region. It comprises a specialist medical centre known as The Farrer Park Medical Centre, a tertiary hospital called The Farrer Park Hospital, as well as a luxury hotel with full-fledged conference facilities, One Farrer Hotel and Spa.

Every opening in the west-facing medical centre is shaded by three triangulated sun-shading panels. The panels are triangulated to allow an unimpeded view out to the streets at eye level. They are also perforated to allow light in. The sun-shading system is designed to reduce solar gain while minimising the need for artificial lighting. The panels are also brightly coloured to create an architectural feature on the façade.

Green pockets have been included within Connexion to complement its medical and hospitality programmes. Sky gardens, terraces and roof gardens are found throughout the building to provide psychological relief and promote wellness through instilling a connection with nature and greenery.

The revolutionary concept of Connexion lies in its seamless integration of healthcare with hospitality. The result is a uniquely amalgamated mixed-use development, with complementary and intrinsic services, all linked within a single building complex that ties the natural and manmade into its architecture.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Design, DP Green