Human Chemistry: Creating a Productive Research Environment
1 Create Way, Singapore 138602

The Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) is located at the NUS University Town. CREATE aims to achieve a unique multinational, multidisciplinary world-class research enterprise from different regions and house them under one roof with the primary mission of stimulating innovation, discovering and entrepreneurship through the interaction and collaboration of scientists and engineers.

It is thus, designed to maximise the interaction among occupants, with the grand stairs connecting all levels while providing a visual connection from landscape gardens to adjacent research laboratories. Three-storey vertical sky terraces encourage interaction and communication among researchers. A universal module is designed in the buildings to allow easy set-up and re-configuration of the laboratories for maximum flexibility.

Programmatically, its three blocks of mid-rise buildings interlace with the plush landscape and a 16-storey high-rise tower, sharing a covered pedestrian town plaza. By tactfully concentrating on development and minimising the carbon footprint, open spaces are preserved within the development for a managed and naturalised landscape.

In keeping with the principles of the UTown master plan, CREATE is designed around a central town plaza, with multiple open spaces for a managed and naturalised landscape.

Design team

DP Architects in collaboration with Perkins + Will, DP Façade